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Sep 21

Inquiry re: Fire Runs

Posted to Important News by executive.director executive.director

I would like to hear from other Cities how they charge for Fire Runs.  If I could get copies or fee schedules and any policy/resolution/ordinance which they may have which allows them to collect these fees that would be great.  I would also like to know any road blocks they may have experienced and how they overcame it. 

Thanks for your help.

Joe Don Dunham

Alva City Business Manager


Dec 03

Do any cities have ordinances specifically about "dumpster diving?"

Posted to Ordinances about Dumpster Diving by Claudia Deakins

Do you have an ordinance that prohibits persons from retrieving materials out of trash containers (dumpster diving)? Some cities treat this as trespassing - do any cities have ordinances that are more specific to this activity?