Coaching Mentoring Program

The CAL-ICMA Coaching/Mentoring Program

CMAO Adds Another Member Benefit: The Cal-ICMA Coaching Program

(Co-Sponsored by Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group)

In an effort to encourage participation in coaching programs for emerging leaders across the country, ICMA recently made a $15,000 contribution to the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program. This sponsorship helps other state associations join with the Colorado and Arizona Associations in providing webinars, one-to-one coaching match-ups. Career Compass advice columns, and other coaching resources to members.

At the November 2012 Fall Quarterly meeting, the CMAO Board and members approved sponsorship of, and participation in, the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program. The OMAG Board wanted to support this program and is co-sponsoring the annual cost. The Coaching/Mentoring Committee is overseeing the implementation of the program.

What does this mean to you as a CMAO member? It means that you will receive the benefits of the professional development opportunities that are provided through Cal-ICMA at no cost.


The Coaching Program focuses on the development needs in multiple areas:

  1. New local public agency executives or persons applying to become local public agency executives to enhance their prospects for success through targeted support at their critical initial stages of leadership responsibility.
  2. Up-and-coming local government management talent to outline career pathways and opportunities, provide guidance and support on ways to prepare for advancement, and enrich the network of relationships and resources to enjoy rewarding careers.
  3. Supporting high-performance teams at all levels in local government to share best practices and encourage professional development and excellence in service delivery.


Through a volunteer network of experienced local government executives and senior assistants serving as coaches, the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program aims to:

  • Support the professional and personal development of new and aspiring managers.
  • Encourage an ethos of mentoring and coaching at all levels in the local government management profession.
  • Provide opportunities for successful local government managers to share their expertise in ways that are effective, efficient, and personally rewarding.


  • Career Compass articles featuring advice from ICMA Special Advisor Dr. Frank Benest.
  • One-to-One coaching matches (or other ways for MPA students to receive coaching/mentoring from city management professionals, ie invited to our conferences, invited to metro area city live webinar sessions, etc.)
  • Coaching Webinars. The topics, dates and times for these webinars are listed in our Calendar.

Program brochure for 2015 (PDF)