Member Testimonials

Our members share their perspective on the value of membership in our organization.
"Membership in CMAO has provided me the opportunity to develop great working relationships with others in city management from all over the state. Being able to network with other members is invaluable in this profession. It’s reassuring to know that I can contact other CMAO members and they will share information and be a great sounding board." – Mary Rupp

"One of the highlights of being a member of CMAO for me is networking with such a professional group of individuals. It helps tremendously to discuss issues with peers to get different perspectives. The CMAO organization provides assistance on many levels to cities and towns ... no matter how big or small." – Pamela Polk

"The convenient access to colleagues for networking purposes along with the storehouse of information available via the website is invaluable." Rocky D. Rogers

"Thanks for getting copies of agreements from other cities around the State. I received 6 excellent agreements, all different from one another. This is a hard factual ’dollars and cents’ reason for why it pays to be a member of CMAO. The Member Inquiry service has an actual cash value in time and effort saved. Thanks again!" Bill Holley