Indirect Services and Assistance

1. All CMAO members will be encouraged to make personal contact with you when you are in transition.

2. Members will be encouraged to continue inviting you to CMAO events.

3. Members will be encouraged to offer you part-time/contract employment positions.

4. Members in close proximity to you will be encouraged to offer you temporary use of office space, fax machines, computers, etc. during you job search, perhaps in return for part-time work as referenced above.

5. Members will be encouraged to offer you assistance in critiquing resumes and cover letters.

6. At its discretion, the CMAO Board may employ you on a part-time basis to complete a project of benefit to the entire association.

7. Contact staff to receive a list of search firms.

8. We will maintain a list of job vacancies in various communities in Oklahoma on our website. This list will include all positions that may be currently available and we courage you to sign up for emails or texts to notify you of any new positions. You can sign up for this on our website under "Notify Me."