Direct Services and Assistance

1. If you learn of another member who is in danger of being unemployed or is already unemployed, notify the CMAO Executive Director as soon as possible. The Executive Director will contact the member to discuss the situation and explain MIT services. The Executive Director will notify the MIT Committee Chair and the CMAO President who will also contact the Board Member for the district who will lend support.

2. We will waive membership dues for up to one year while you are in transition and seeking local government employment. You will retain all membership privileges of your current membership category.

3. CMAO will continue to send regular communication.

4. We will waive all conference registration (and included meals) for the conferences (summer and winter) during the time you are in transition. We will also cover the cost of lodging when the conferences or meetings are more than an hour's drive from your home. 5. We will notify association members of all members in transition and encourage interim employment as part-time/contract consultants.

6. The CMAO Board may approve a reimbursement of up to $1000 for initial legal consultation costs or counseling services.

If you believe you have legal grounds to challenge the terms of your separation, you can use any portion of the $1000 for legal consultation. If you seek reimbursement of legal costs, you are required to submit a request for reimbursement in writing and explain your reasons for seeking legal consultation. (This is not intended to create litigation against cities, but to protect the City Manager in contract disputes.) The stress that a job loss can take on you and your family is very real and should not be ignored. Don't overlook the impact on your spouse and children; consider including them as needed for counseling.

You can allocate the $1000 total in the way that best suits your individual situation. (For example, you can use $750 for legal consultation and $250 for counseling or $500 for legal and $500 for counseling, etc.) 7. Upon recommendation of the CMAO Executive Director or the Chairman of the MIT program, the President of CMAO may authorize an expenditure, not to exceed $500 annually, for you as a member in transition to offset personal emergencies that may arise.

8. We will assist you in preparing, reviewing and printing a resume.

9. CMAO Resolution 2008-01 (PDF) regarding the proper hiring process for city managers in the State of Oklahoma is available for you to include with the resume/application.